There are many crypto gateways available on market. Some of them include CoinsBank and Bitpay. Some of them allow more than one cryptocurrency. Some support only a handful of cryptocurrency. CoinGate offers a broad range of options for users and is therefore more diverse than the other. Learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of each. Whether you're looking for a new wallet or a new method to send and receive digital currency the crypto gateway is an essential instrument for your cryptocurrency journey.

Crypto GatewaySpectrocoin

Spectrocoin is a cryptocurrency exchange that offers bitcoin wallet services and payment processing services to merchants. However, as the demand of digital currencies continues to rise, SpectroCoin is also expanding its offerings to include other virtual currencies, including Ripple and Stellar. Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency, and it has influenced many altcoins, or coins that are similar to Bitcoin. They operate in various ways, use different proof-of-work mining algorithms, and are generally not as private as Bitcoin.

Spectrocoin offers a variety of features that make it one of the top cryptocurrency payment gateways. The company's wallet is absolutely free and allows users to instantly trade their crypto money with fiat currencies. The fees are fixed at 1% for many transactions, and it is compatible with the most popular eCommerce CMS platforms. Merchants who want to accept bitcoin payments should be aware of the costs related to using SpectroCoin.

The Spectrocoin cryptocurrency gateway offers a wide variety of payment options that include bank transfers and ewallets. Its user interface is elegant and easy to navigate, and it caters to a niche market of bitcoin enthusiasts. It also has a vigorous research program that works in conjunction with leading professional and academic organizations to enhance the functionality and features of the platform. Spectrocoin is one of the top payment gateways available that is available, with an excellent client base and lots of benefits that businesses can avail.

Merchants can accept digital currency transactions through the SpectroCoin merchant program. Customers can now buy goods and crypto Gateway services in any country using a crypto-wallet. The spectrocoin merchant program allows merchants to accept payments in 20+ currencies, including Bitcoin. With the SpectroCoin crypto gateway, merchants can accept the digital currency in their stores without delays or high fees.


In addition to being an exchange service, CoinsBank also offers a multi-currency wallet. Users can withdraw their funds in fiat currency as well as cryptocurrency and then exchange them immediately. The coins are stored in cold wallets which are secured by reserves. Moreover, the wallet allows instant transfers of funds between currencies. To keep your funds safe, CoinsBank uses two-factor authentication. Users are sent a verification code through email or SMS to verify their identity. Two-factor authentication safeguards the exchange from hackers.

This all-in-one service includes an exchange, wallet, and merchant gateway. It also offers a cryptocurrency card. CoinsBank was established in the year 2016 in the UK. Although it isn't licensed by the Financial Conduct Authority, CoinsBank is regulated by the International Financial Services Commission and FinCEN Belize. It accepts a variety of crypto-currencies, including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and Stellar. CoinsBank is the official sponsor of Money20/20 Europe.

The CoinsBank crypto gateway is not a fraud however, it has its weaknesses. The system that is used for crypto gateways was hacked by Bitfinex in August, resulting in loss of hundreds of millions of dollars. CoinsBank however, has a thorough FAQ page to answer your questions. The company's support is also highly loved by customers. However, keep in mind that even though CoinsBank is a reliable platform, there are a lot of scams that are prevalent in the crypto industry.

CoinsBank's fees are another flaw. CoinsBank charges 0.5% on the value of each transaction and crypto gateway there is no distinction between makers and takers. The exchange charges 0.5% of the total value of transactions, which is lower than the industry standard. It also accepts fiat currencies. It also accepts fiat currency payments and provides a crypto fiat option. Users can also transfer funds or withdraw them from existing cryptocurrency.

Traders have the option of trade on the CoinsBank platform or through the CoinsBank wallet. Both are excellent options for both beginners and more experienced traders. The interface of the exchange is friendly while the system is sophisticated enough for experienced traders to utilize. There are a variety of payment options such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. It also has a charting package that includes technical indicators and sophisticated charts. Traders can also create their own stop losses and take profits.


NOWPayments is a well-known cryptocurrency payment gateway that permits online merchants to accept payment through crypto. This service is a great option for online merchants due to the fact that it comes with low transaction costs along with easy integration, as well as numerous other features. NOWPayments can easily be integrated into the website of a merchant or a social media account. Users can create a payment site by clicking a button, and will be able to accept payments for both products and services.

NOWPayments supports many cryptocurrencies that include Bitcoin and Ethereum, XRP, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash. Currently, the company accepts 27 cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum Ripple, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash. In addition to accepting these cryptocurrencies, NOWPayments offers a stablecoin. It is also possible to pay with crypto with one tap. NOWPayments also provides an easy API to integrate with top eCommerce platforms.

NOWPayments is a cryptocurrency payment gateway, integrates with the radio caca native coin. This partnership shows the company's dedication to this well-known token. It has also recently joined forces with Radio Caca (RACA) and other cryptocurrencies that are leading in making crypto payments easier for merchants. This is just one example of the ways NOWPayments is a fantastic option for merchants looking to accept cryptocurrency payments.

NOWPayments has many benefits for merchants. It is compatible with more than 12 crypto currencies and has an API that lets you to integrate it with your payment processor. NOWPayments charges 0.5 percent to 0.4% in fees. And, it's very simple to use. There's no need for an expensive developer. NOWPayments seamlessly integrates into your website without the security of your site being compromised.

NOWPayments doesn't need you to use a cryptocurrency payment gateway. It is a convenient option that can make sense of the confusion surrounding the cryptocurrency market. While cryptocurrency payments are more complicated than conventional methods, you must be able to access a platform that can assist you in processing them. This will enable customers to accept cryptocurrency no matter where they are situated. You can then accept payments in the cryptocurrency you select.


Using a Bitpay crypto gateway is a fantastic way to accept cryptocurrency as a method of payment. It allows users to accept Bitcoin, DogeCoin, USD Coin and PAX in addition to other cryptocurrency. There are more than 50 wallets that are available to the company. You can choose to use your own wallet or one of the hundreds of other wallets which are part of the BitPay platform it will be a breeze for your customers to purchase and pay for your services and products.

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency have gained in popularity as a method of payment over long time, but there are still many obstacles to overcome, especially in the area of security. There is a rising amount of fraud happening online and companies are attempting to counter this by preventing their use of crypto payment gateways Payment. However, as more and more people are becoming informed about the digital currency and the benefits it offers and benefits, crypto gateway the number of people who can make use of it is increasing. There are many options to choose from, therefore it is important to choose the right one for your requirements.

You will require a merchant bank account. This is usually provided by Crypto payment providers. A merchant account is a unique account that acts as a seller's identity. The crypto payment gateway API may be integrated into your mobile or website application. When a client makes use of their wallet for purchases, the payment gateway scans the blockchain verifying the transaction and then crediting your merchant account with the appropriate cryptocurrency.

Coinbase Commerce supports over 100 countries and currencies. It also offers integrated services for WooCommerce and PrestaShop as well as Magento. Coinbase Commerce also supports USD Coin and Dogecoin. You can choose between the two plans and benefit from the convenience of accepting cryptocurrency while promoting your products or services. Additionally, you can avail technical support provided by the company's team. What are you putting off? Try it and check if it is working for you.

Coinbase and BitcoinPay are the leading cryptocurrency payment gateways. Both support Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum as in addition to Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Cash. The user-friendly app makes them a great option for merchants. BitcoinPay charges 0.8 percent, whereas Coinbase charges a flat fee of one% for each transaction. A good merchant can choose whichever gateway works best for them and enjoy the benefits of accepting cryptocurrency. A Bitpay crypto gateway can give you the security and convenience that you require to accept cryptocurrency payments.
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